Thursday, December 9, 2010

Okko returns

Sorry for leaving you guys alone for a few days but my computer kinda broke down.It's up and running again and so am I.
I would like to report on the days that I was cut off of the joys on the net.
Well didn't do much the last few days I visited the gig of some friends band and rocked out pretty hard...there were a few bands playing and to my surprise I knew most of the bandmembers..epic afer show party and hangovers from hell for me and my friends.Well let's get back to the band I was talking about. They call themselves Symbiotic Systems and they play some kinda apocalyptical hard rock crap :P...I can't even read the other bands names on the flyer I got and I don't remember them so nothing lost there...Now that I think about it I realize that I didn't do much apart from visiting that concert in the last few days...damn my life is so boring :(

For all those who could bear to read until now without scratching their eyes out : Here's your reward from my treasure chest of joy. Q(^.^Q)

Horray it's LEMMINGS !! Enjoy


Smatchimo said...


im glad you are back, dont do that again. i was obviously panicking.

Mr Bouchard said...

I just lost ten minutes playing this game before realizing what I was doing before!

Okko said...

@Smatchimo :
I'm sorry!!!I'll try to avoid frying my motherboard again :P

Suciô Sanchez said...

remember - vacuum your PC, not mop.

JRam said...

Strange lemming game there.