Monday, November 29, 2010

The food. The agony

So I'm staying at my moms right now because I've got some kinda job interview, working experience,whatever thing tomorrow morning at a small company here in her city.I love my mom but don't you just hate the steroetypical sentences you get from them?
  1.  "You're too thin,you need some meat on those bones!",
  2. " are things with the ladies..met someone?",
  3. "You're not eating much huh? Do you dislike my cooking?"
  4. "You used to eat way more than that and now you don't even want a second helping?"

She made breaded lamb chops with mashed potatoes,peas and carrots...really delicious but simply too much food for me to handle..I'm talking about mountains of food in front of you....and thats just the first helping she wants you to eat...I had a really hard time getting her to understand that I don't need that much food to feel stuffed because I'm not growing anymore.Well it' about 11:30PM now and I'm turning in for tonight..gotta get out into the cold early and hopfully arrive on time..nothing beats a good first impression or so I'm told.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Happy birthday to me

Well I just returned home(6:20AM..jeha i know it's not that late but I usualy try to get home before 4PM to get some sleep and stuff) and I'm quiet drunk  right now so please just ignore the foul language I may use in this post...i'll try my best to kepp it clean and stuff.
I didn't really plan on clebrating my birthday this year but somehow the people I met today. I probably met them weeks ago for the first time but couldn't remember them today, all knew about my birthday and exactly at 0:00 I found myself standing before a group of approximately 30 people...inside my favourite bar singing "Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday you goddamn bastard happy to youuuuuuu!" (it may or may not happened like that but that doesn't matters right now)...I was giggling like a young schoolgirl and ordered some drinks for everyone(I didn't had to pay for that...very nice barkeeper..I don't remember how often I told him that I love him for the thing that he does sometimes).. I recieved some small presents(including glowsticks which really got the party started) and had a very nice night out at the bar ...I'm curious about what'll happen today ..well what'll happen after I wake up in a few hours...goodnight and stay awesome!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Stumbling trough the net again

I really have fun with this addon.I spend the last two hours reading about clever designed stuff that's borderline genius, browsing trough new webcomics, squealing at cute little animal pictures and beating flashgames like a boss. :P
Now I stumbled upon a really useful page , it's about advice that we all could use from time to time, but see for yourself and act accordantly.

I guess I'll go with suggestion No.9 . ttyl

F**king awesome!!

I wish a band in my neck of the woods would pull something like that at their shows!
Damn its's so awesome..

Ahhh Zelda...good times ..really good times one of the first games I ever played was Zelda Ocariana of time on the N64...maybe it's time to replay it one more time

Stumbled through the net

I decided to realize the idea of creating a Stumbled Upon category and here it is ladys and gentlemen our very own Okko Journal proudly presents the first finding! [insert studio applause here]

First up is a typographic tribute to George Carlin ( a very witty and charming comedian sadly deceased in '08) done by Noisy Neighbor on vimeo :

This vid really had me laughing at the end..and yeha i know they made a spelling mistake :P
Stay tuned for more entertaining,disturbing or mindblowing contend this fine addon has in store for us.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Testing Google Chrome addons

Today was a really slow day and I was bored...and I mean really bored.So bored I decided to browse the Google Chrome browser addons( yap... I was that bored ..don't judge me ) hoping I would find something useful to relief me of my condition.After approximately 6 pages of Facebook sidebars and other unnessecasy stuff i found "StumbleUpon", read the short discription and decided to give it a try. Some minutes later I was done configuring it to my interests so I clicked the newly appeared Stumble! button and..wooosh.. the internet presented me with an unknown webcomic about cockroaches ...bookmarked it for later amusement.
After testing this addon i stand corrected that not all addons apart from Adblock are useless or annoying.Maybe  I'll create a category for the best suggestions...there were hugging tigers and toplists about ticking people off wo deserve to be shared and cherished.

How to actually get things done

It's simple : set this link as your browsers homepage. 

It had me confused for a few moments :)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Read at your own risk

Was just surfing the Cheezburger network for some laughts and ended up on GraphJam for some reason.Some of the graphs even made me laugh a bit but than i had to read this one and i thought I'd share it with you all and ruin your day.
WHY Internet WHYYYYY?! I was finally able to forget and you shove it right back into my face ....

Minecraft 103

I guess I really am addicted to this game I spend hours mining and I finally found some DIAMONDS ...F**k yeah!!

As I was gathering some wood nighttime supprised me and i couldn't find my way back to base and adding to my confusion I was attacked by skeletons..As i ran away i set a forest on fire and got completely lost in the middel of nowhere.I survived the night in a mud hut and as the next day began i found a very nice valley where I spend the next hours to build a nice and cozy new homebase.

I'm rather proud of my new house's pretty well build i think.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Minecraft 102

Just found a huge cave system underneath my mining shaft. guess i won't have trouble with shortcommings of coal or iron in the near future :)

Finished my first stronghold against the vile creeprers,zombies,spiders and skeletons. It's not pretty but it keeps me safe

Grocery shopping can be fun

It's a kinda funny and disturbing situation when you pass by a maybe 7 year-old girl and hear her whistling that tune from Kill Bill 
...really made my day  Q(^.^Q)
I know which DVD I'm gonna watch tonight.

Adventuretime: Minecraft 101

I just got myself a copie of Minecraft after checking out some great vids featuring it on youtube.Seemed a lot of fun exploring cave systems,batteling monsters and building strongholds.Have been playing it for some time already and i fear it got me addicted. I spend the first night in a crappy made hut fearing the creepers and skeletons roaming outside my window..guess i need to find out how to craft some weapons next..can't go hunting with a shovel right? :)
Kinda strange how the first thing you do is punching trees for woodblocks but apart from that simply awesome game..can't wait to build my first castle!

Loved Heros from the past

Sometimes you just got to love the randomness of youtubes video suggestion.
 I was just aimlessly surfing the interwebs for entertainment on and look what it thought was just right for me :
I really loved watching this cartoon..This clip really made me remember what awesome cartoons aired in the past...I really miss them sometimes.Not that I dislike the newer anime stuff we get to see these days , heck I love anime and all that fancy animation stuff, but those good old cartoons just had a charm of their own.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Let's get started!

Alright...mhhh...content...I need some content...
When I first had the idea to start a Blog I thought about what I like to talk about and well... nothing came to mind .

So why not simply ramble about things I enjoy doing like reading,gaming and listening to the latest music?
Sounds good enough to me and thats what really matters here...what sounds good enough to me
So I would like to invite you my dear readers (well i hope i'll get some in the near future) to stay awhile and enjoy with me the adventure which is about to unfold.
- Okko