Friday, December 10, 2010

Hey it's flashgame friday!

Finally its friday and there are still hours to waste before hitting the pub club or party location of choice!
But fear not because Okko hurries to your rescue and presents you some wonderful and time consuming flashgames.

WARNING: Some of the following games may cause you to rage due to their difficulty level...therefor Okko's advice:

Allrighty now back to business. There won't be any descriptions regarding the kind of game found in this post..figure it out yourself...well in most cases there is a kind of tutorial so it shouldn't be that hard to get started.

Click here to play Smacky (FOR SANITY)
And here to play Polar Peril (jehaa bouncy)
You may click here to play Pushies (damn i lost some time playing this)
Or here to play Spin the black circle (one of the hardest games you'll  ever play..ahhh so tricky)
Follow this link to catch yourself a cat (use your brain once in a while)
Click here for Super Mario Goomba Mode (get me that plumber!!)
Some easy entertainment with Eskiv (kinda reminds me of Snake just a bit different)
Try beating the self proclaimed hardest game of the world (seriously hard as f**k)
Or click here to play Puki (ahhh cute...waaah)
Last but not least : the Game of Disorientation (I really dig the soundtrack of this one...drives me nuts though)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Drowning in entertainment

Praise the internet and its vast capability to entertain and its support at procrastination...I don't even know how much time I wasted on flashgames , funny pictures and lolcats instead of actually doing what I wanted to do when I opened my browser.
And once again I found new stuff to occupy myself with...I started to watch japanese live action series based on my favourite manga series and anime if reading all those chapters and watching the latest episodes didn't take their toll on my freetime.
So I'll drown myself in season 1 of Gakusen (the live action series) tonight..

For all unfamiliar with the manga or anime .. Gakusen is about a young female teacher starting her career and promptly getting to teach the most rowdy class at school..deliquents and rude kids and stuff..but as a little twist she got a secret she has to hide ...shes living with her grandfather and his goons..they're yakuza(japanese mobsters) for the sake of not getting fired she tries to hide that fact and plays the nice teacher althought she can be pretty fierce and badass. thats leading to funny situations and stuff eventually gaining the respect of her students etc happy end whatever I don't really recall everything ...

I'll have fun now and maybe write a new post tomorrow reviewing some Live-action adaptions and stuff..IDK I guess I'll just roll with it

Okko returns

Sorry for leaving you guys alone for a few days but my computer kinda broke down.It's up and running again and so am I.
I would like to report on the days that I was cut off of the joys on the net.
Well didn't do much the last few days I visited the gig of some friends band and rocked out pretty hard...there were a few bands playing and to my surprise I knew most of the bandmembers..epic afer show party and hangovers from hell for me and my friends.Well let's get back to the band I was talking about. They call themselves Symbiotic Systems and they play some kinda apocalyptical hard rock crap :P...I can't even read the other bands names on the flyer I got and I don't remember them so nothing lost there...Now that I think about it I realize that I didn't do much apart from visiting that concert in the last few days...damn my life is so boring :(

For all those who could bear to read until now without scratching their eyes out : Here's your reward from my treasure chest of joy. Q(^.^Q)

Horray it's LEMMINGS !! Enjoy

Friday, December 3, 2010

Reached the end

Well I guess I just reached the end of the internet..atleast that's what I was told here :

The end of the internet

just see for yourself.
Alright I know that's a bit lame for a post so let me ramble a bit about random stuff...hummm let me think ....I guess I could start with the absolutely cooles animals alive : PENGUINS!!! You could ask me thousand questions about why penguins are the most awsome aninmals and I wouldn't know how to answer them because : they just ARE.

Simply take a look at this rascal just know that you shouldn't f**k with him, right?

Remember the list of things 'How to tick people off ' or something like that..I think I posted it in the first Stumbled Upon post...I wish I could make those Dail-Up noises like our little friend here :)

Here's our little friend

Allrighty, I'm out....resuming my quest to find amusement and slaughter the dragon of boredom!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I'm beat

Well atleast they didn't kick me out till today xD
I'll stay around tomorrow and than my internship comes to it's end..atleast for's rather fun work I've done the last two days..wiring facings for a huge trailer/caravan thing (just the wiring they hooked up the sockets and light switches) demolishing old hard dives and taking apart old computers for parts.

Well they found me rather bewildered as they handed me a used security cam and told me " client says it's it? and why?" ...baaahhhh ...Like I know shit about electrical engeneering or whatever I was supposed to do with it..well I kinda managed to take it apart just to sit there staring at the circuit board not knowing what to do next..yeha there were three wires and one of them had to transmit a signal and somehow that piece of crap needed power to run....after a few minutes of pure cluelessness I recieved some help and they kinda worked me through the procedure of checking the camera.I definetly need more knowledge about the principles of electrical engeneering ..time to root out my old physics school books when I'm home again..Just can't stand to feel stupid.