Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Loved Heros from the past

Sometimes you just got to love the randomness of youtubes video suggestion.
 I was just aimlessly surfing the interwebs for entertainment on youtube.com and look what it thought was just right for me :
I really loved watching this cartoon..This clip really made me remember what awesome cartoons aired in the past...I really miss them sometimes.Not that I dislike the newer anime stuff we get to see these days , heck I love anime and all that fancy animation stuff, but those good old cartoons just had a charm of their own.


JRam said...

So many different animation styles. The batman animation style sure changed. The older style looks pretty good.

The Game Store Guy said...

Heh. I love this cartoon. I still watch it today (when I have the chance). The animation was excellent. The writing was excellent. The villains and the heroes were well fleshed-out.

Heck. Most of the cartoons from the WB producers were all solid gold from this era. Freakazoid. Animaniacs. Batman. etc. etc. So good.

fapguy said...

oh man! I miss this!

timeline1992 said...

not bad :)
btw. nice blog , following and supporting :)